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 On October 17, 2007, Jay Leno invited Eric Barth and Darin Brown down to his world-renowned “garage” to discuss MX Factor. For those who don’t know, Jay Leno is an avid collector and restorer of vintage vehicles and motorcycles. He employs a full staff at his facility, including several full-time mechanics. For the past year or so, MX Factor has been supplying canisters to Jay’s garage. As he mentions in the piece, Jay is continually upgrading his garage with more “green-friendly” products - MX Factor fit right in! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

From Cans to Canisters: A Solution to Aerosol Can Waste (SEE ARTICLE HERE)
 In January 2004, MX Factor launched its industrial canister exchange system for the professional automotive and industrial industries. This canister exchange program was developed as a solution to the overuse of parts washers and aerosol cans. Since our launch in 2004, MX Factor has established itself in the marketplace and continues to receive accolades from industrial service centers, independent service facilities and automotive dealerships. 
As of January 2007, MX Factor and its partners have helped eliminate over 1,000,000 aerosol cans from being thrown in our landfills.
Text Box: The MX Factor Canister System - Contact M F V S, Inc. For More Information 
Text Box: October 29th, 2007: Jay Leno Talks About MX Factor